Salesforce Development Solutions

From startups to enterprises, our team of dexterous developers helps the brands to get more out of their Salesforce CRM.

We, at Emizentech, know how unique a business is. The best thing is that we are not required to alter the way we perform our business to let the Salesforce CRM fit perfectly. We can tailor the CRM applications instead to make it suitable for the way we carry our business.

The highly customizable design by Salesforce CRM allows us to make some of the customizations. For more, you need to hire a leading Salesforce Development Company. We are the same holding years of experience in offering Salesforce CRM solutions for distinct customer requirements across various industry domains.

Emizentech caters to a wide range of Salesforce development services for the evolving business requirements of our clients. Our expert team of Salesforce proficients will get you and custom-make the solutions for your exceptional business requirements, employing our robust expertise in extending and customizing Salesforce using Visualforce and Apex.

We aid the organizations in planning, sketching, and implementing comprehensive Salesforce relying on business solutions. We pass-on the way according to which the businesses interact and handle their customers, partners, products, and even employees.

One of the trending and leading technologies that automate the routine tasks and enhances the customer service is Salesforce. We, at Emizentech, craft the floor of cloud computing to make it a pleasant and highly affordable experience for you. The strong Salesforce developer tools, such as Salesforce Lightning, Force, Developer Console, Workbench, and Salesforce Lightning Inspector sketch a dynamic scope for our clients to flourish their versatility.

  • Salesforce Customisation
  • Custom Salesforce API
  • Salesforce Upgrade
  • App Exchange Listing
  • Salesforce Mobile App
  • Salesforce Lightning App
  • Support & Management
  • Salesforce Analytics

Comprehensive Salesforce Development Services

Our laser focus is on building bug-free, efficient, and sturdy business applications that augment your business effort and sky-rocket sales.

Salesforce CRM Development Solutions

We, at Emizentech, assist our customers in creating the business solutions by customizing, configuring, and developing the custom applications on the Salesforce CRM ecosystem and integrating the Salesforce with other third-party systems. We offer the development of new screens or customized to reflect the unique business processes of the organizations using Salesforce CRM built-in features. With the assistance of CRM, we allow our clients to:

Track and manage customer details actively.
Ease repetitive tasks hold targets on leads.
Links the whole team from any device.
Render quick insights and recommendations.
customer emails smartly.

Salesforce Mobile
Solution Development

Leveraging Salesforce, we hold the caliber to craft mobile apps rapidly with a unique link of code-driven tools and metadata and allow our clients to employ the right tool for the apt task. Our clients can instantly deploy the apps to their users with the Salesforce mobile development solutions employing drag-drop component-based development to sketch entirely custom applications with any framework or language. The Salesforce mobile solutions that we sketch extend your processes and data to mobile, aiding you to act from anywhere, stay updated, handle opportunities and leads, perform with co-workers, and close deals faster and more. Our Salesforce mobile app solutions comes with everything at your fingertips:

  • Lightning-powered mobile app
  • Embrace Einstein Voice Assistant
  • Include Einstein Analytics
  • Comes with Einstein Search
  • Custom-mobile experience with clicks, and low code.
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Delivering End-to-End Salesforce Services Globally

Our adept team of proficient Salesforce developers assures scalable and maintainable solutions.

Salesforce AI

Salesforce AI Solution

We assist our clients by bringing the strength of artificial intelligence to our clients with Salesforce Einstein. A layer of smartness and intelligence, Salesforce Einstein lies within the customer 360 platform that attracts the robust AI technologies to everyone at the point of their performance. Also, with the Einstein platform, developers and admin hold a rich set of platform services to craft smarter apps and the customized Salesforce AI solutions for their business.

Einstein Bots

Our Einstein bots are easily crafted, deployed, and the trained custom bots are instructed on our clients’ CRM data to enhance the business processes, strengthen their employees, and please their customers.

Einstein Prediction Builder

Our builder crafts tailored AI models on any Salesforce object or field to predict the business results with clicks, not the code.

Einstein Language

We sketch Einstein language that classifies the underlying sentiment and intent in a text body to get about how the clients feel and what they want, across all the channels.

Einstein Vision

Handle the strength of image recognition in your applications by training deep learning models to identify your products, brand, and more.

Einstein Discovery

Unlocks the productivity along with the innovation of related patterns in your data with the AI-powered recommendations and insights.


3rd Party Software Integration

We craft an enhanced employee and customer experience with the 3rd party data integration. Following the Salesforce platform, we attract all distinct systems together and data that stay in HR, ERP, or on-premises software to develop a unified perception of your customers. At Emizentech, our powerful tools, and robust APIs lower the integration time dramatically to unlatch and advance the back-office systems. We assist the organizations to connect with 3rd-party software through the Salesforce solution so that they can perform more smartly and efficiently.

Custom Integration

We are specialized in sketching integration solutions based on custom .Net, Java, and JS for fusing with Salesforce.

Integration using Tools

We integrate many Salesforce solutions employing in-built integration tools, such as Informatica Cloud and Jitterbit.

Integration App Development

We craft AppExchange for software vendors so they can integrate their solutions easily with Salesforce.

API Development

Our teams hold the expertise in assisting the organizations in building custom APIs inside their available solutions to permit direct and easy API integration with Salesforce.

Highly Efficient Salesforce Cloud Application development

A new way of crafting and running mobile applications that are more scalable and efficient.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Bring in all your sales processes like marketing, lead generation into an integrated platform, and amplify your business growth by sales cloud products. At Emizentech, we offer Salesforce Sales cloud services to our clients that leads to In-line intelligence with time-tested practices, monitors all sales processes at a single platform, and enhances the efficiency successfully.

Sales Cloud Analytics

We assist in attaining the targeted selling, improved revenue, and more, through Sales Cloud Analytics, and hold the control over the lead flow with accurate statistics and valuable insights.

Reports & Dashboards

Our team permits the sales managers to track the chief sales figures with the sales reps’ performance employing Reports and dashboards. It highlights the sales reps’ weak and strong points with the factors that influence productivity.

Lead Conversion Process

We make it possible to prepare the process of transforming a lead into a contact, opportunity, and account or just into account and opportunity, and allow automated workflows, through this process.

Sales Cloud Migration

Move your CRM to Sales Cloud with no influence on your current data, processes, and integration, seamlessly by employing our Sales Cloud Migration.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to keep a meticulous track of your customers’ journey management by personalizing (creating + managing) all marketing campaigns. It strengthens the predictive analysis to make accurate decisions, seamless automation of marketing campaigns, and transfers marketing reports rapidly.

Social Studio

Our solution publishes, listens, and engages with the clients all across social media channels, smoothly.

Advertising Studio

We assist in targeting 1-to-1 advertising employing the CRM data of our clients to attain and re-engage customers through our Advertising Studio.

Pardot Integration

We fuse the sales and marketing on a sole platform for B2B marketing automation using our Pardot integration.

Interaction Studio

Our Interaction Studio track, visualize, and handle realtime user experience driving esteemed engagement at an apt moment.

Mobile Studio

Now, you can personalize the mobile interaction, embracing push notifications, SMS, and chat messaging by using our Mobile Studio.


Salesforce Services Cloud

Stand apart from your competition by developing long-lasting relationships with your customers using Salesforce service cloud products. You can deliver customized service experiences to customers and dwindle the gap between your organization and its potential customers. It creates and manages seamless customer solutions, streamlines workflow by automation, and integrates service cloud into applications for robust communication

Customer Services

We resolve the cases rapidly employing a suite of robust productivity tools that offers agents a comprehensive, shared view of all the customers and interaction.

Self Service Portal

Our team links the customers to knowledge articles, account information, and sequential instructions.

Einstein AI for Services

We make the agents more productive with AI-powered recommendations and predictions straight in the workspace of the agent.

Field Service Lightning

We aid in smoothening your field service operations along with the solutions for all the roles and industries.

Connect Digital Channels

We reach customers on the channels they employ the most, embracing web chat, mobile messaging, and social media.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud

It’s highly scalable, and is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) eCommerce solution. Also, Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides best-in-class functionality and features crafted and refined for many years to proffer a highly optimized eCommerce experience. We pick the solution for our clients that meet their business goals perfectly.

Einstein AI for Commerce

Our experts convert enhanced customers with altered experience and place artificial intelligence to perform, no data specialist required.

Ecommerce CRM

We render a linked customer experience by sharing the data across sales, commerce, marketing, and service.

Headless eCommerce

Moreover, we automate the processes for apt delivery and payment, and connect eCommerce to the service for order help and transparency.

Order Management

We aid in inspiring the repeat purchases with a seamless customer experience, and propel operational excellence just by integrating eCommerce along with order management.

Migrate to Commerce Cloud

Our Salesforce is simpler than you may think. We migrate and evolve your enhanced eCommerce site on budget and time.

Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud

Now, you can eliminate the communication gap between your customers, workers, and business partners by allowing them to interact at one single platform with Salesforce community cloud services. The key benefits of utilizing community cloud design community cloud for customers effortlessly, transparent and uninterrupted communication between different hierarchies, and simplify and amplify your business processes

Customer Engagement

We identify the most active members with custom profile badges and allow members to support each other for specific expertise and skills.

Personalized Experienced

Also, we alter the experiences for all the user type employing CRM data to define the target users and audiences with the personalized content.

3rd Party Data Integration

You may get the data from Salesforce, legacy sources, and third-party, and easily connect it to Community Cloud functions, such as cases, leads, and more.

Community Portal

We proffer the users a responsive portal where they can update their accounts, access the articles, and craft and handle claims and cases.

Mobile Collaboration

All our Lightning Communities are comprehensively mobile optimized and entirely responsive for an easy to use interface.


Salesforce Pardot

B2B marketing automation, Salesforce Pardot proffers a marketing automation solution backing the requirements of B2B organizations of all sizes. We, at Emizentech, ensure that our clients will always hold a top-notch position of marketing technology. We aid them in enhancing revenue targets, attain sales and marketing team alignment, and get efficient utilization of existing resources.

Pardot Implementation

We introduce Pardot with no interruption to enhance ROI and energize the marketing initiatives.

Analytics & Reporting

Also, we separate the apt impact of marketing by crafting reports and dashboards to sketch data-driven decisions.

Lead Nurturing

We speed-up the customers all through the funnel and develop strong customer bonds with the best lead nurture campaigns.

Email Marketing

Also, we sketch successful and best email programs, and also test the new strategies to enhance open and click-through and conversion rates.

Lead Scoring

Our team understands the level of engagement of the prospects to aid your sales team to recognize the close deals and best leads quickly.


Salesforce Lightning Development Services

The Salesforce consultants at Emizentech perform closely with the Salesforce instances of our clients to attain their business needs comprehensively and enhance and covert the sales, customer services, and marketing processes. Being on the side of Salesforce Lightning Development services, we are well-versed with the fastest ways to get our clients the Lightning ready. We provide an all-inclusive selection of Salesforce lightning development solutions and make the transition of your rudimentary Salesforce platform to the customers’ oriented Salesforce lightning platform that helps in providing quicker and smarter solutions. Moreover, we streamline the entire transition process in such a way it won’t affect your regular business activities and routine processes.

  • Salesforce Lightning Consulting
  • Salesforce Lightning Component Development
  • Salesforce Lightning Community Portals
  • Salesforce Lightning App Development
  • Salesforce Lightning Ready Customization
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Salesforce Force

Salesforce Development Services

A core section of Salesforce App Cloud, the Salesforce is a strong cloud computing platform that targets on automating the business workflows. We, at Emizentech, assist the organizations in crafting and implementing the robust relying on business solutions. We help our clients reap the benefits of custom applications developed on that are tailored versions of The security of custom applications developed on is highly robust. offers sturdy and highly secure infrastructure cloud solutions for building custom applications. We have a team of technically proficient who are well-versed with all aspects of the Salesforce cloud platform. All our developers have Salesforce certifications which lucidly ensure the authenticity and expertise we will work with on your projects.

  • Development
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Lightning Components
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Hire Certified Salesforce Developers

Our Salesforce application development services are all about creating the best possible app development solutions for clients and deliver the way before the deadline.


Developed to find B2B and B2C providers, dFinder app assists in searching the suppliers for a specific business, for consumers, it searches restaurants, retailers, groceries, and supermarkets and other such businesses.

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Moriitalia Device

Dragon Fit

Developed to find B2B and B2C providers, dFinder app assists in searching the suppliers for a specific business, for consumers, it searches restaurants, retailers, groceries, and supermarkets and other such businesses.



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With the help of our ingenious business applications, you can make business super-productive and serve customers in a better way.


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Salesforce Pardot is the only stop for carrying out all marketing things, aiding you to attract a mature pipeline and more leads. Craft and launch alluring digital campaigns in only a few clicks.

  • Craft /wp-content/themes/twentytwentyone-child/assets in just minutes with an easy to use interface that drive you with the drag and drop builders and the wizards
  • Build landing pages, email templates, and forms, employing our templates, or customize with comprehensive CSS and HTML styling.
  • Host your images, files, and the /wp-content/themes/twentytwentyone-child/assets in Pardot.

Well, Salesforce Lightning Experience is a complete user experience that aids salespeople in selling faster, smarter, and the way they cherish. Lightning doesn’t clutch a tab interface, like Aloha does, despite, information is based as required, so you get Lightning when you require it.

Also, Lightning holds a new homepage along with an Account Insights trait that raises any news related to your opportunities and accounts, moreover an Assistant feature that leads your upcoming steps to hold the things moving ahead. Obviously, for the users who cherish the genuine look and feel, Sales Cloud Classic will still exist.

Yes, of course. You can use Salesforce Classic constantly, and you can simply switch back also to Salesforce Classic from Lightning Experience. We will move to offer support for Salesforce Classic for the anticipated future.

Stands for Customer Relationship Management, CRM’s software stores the customer contact information, such as names, phone numbers, and addresses, and also keeps track of the customer activity, such as phone calls, website visits, email, etc.

Well, with Salesforce, you can not only get the top CRM platform, even more than that. You can also get linked with like-minded brands and pull out a huge community of proficients committed to the growth of your company.

Salesforce is a CRM solution that attracts customers and companies together. It’s an integrated CRM platform that offers all your departments, embracing sales, marketing, service, and commerce, – a single, shared view of all the customers.

Salesforce mobile application:

  • Enhance productivity with a Lightning-powered application that is smarter enough to tell you your last left position.
  • Perform smarter with Artificial Intelligence and talk to Salesforce with Einstein Voice Assistant, also craft informed decisions with Einstein Analytics.
  • Sketch altered mobile experience fastly and simply with clicks and not the code.

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