We enhance your CRM efforts with the Salesforce Integration

We, at Emizentech, integrate Salesforce with the preferred and current systems of our clients to smoothen information flows and offer better customer information visibility.

We, at Emizentech, know that an organization should hold the speed with time. That’s why, for this end, you don’t require to rebuild your business tracks but only change your business approaches to lead to enhanced benefits. We provide organized solutions that can ease your routine workflow and also accelerate the matters.

Being a leading Salesforce Integration Service Provider, we, at Emizentech, offer reliable, secure, scalable, and secure Salesforce integration successfully with the current applications and the external cloud services. We hold the caliber to smoothly migrate your data from the other apps, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and QuickBooks to Salesforce. Emizentech develops web services within Salesforce that help a 3rd-party application to share the details with Salesforce. We employ Data Loaded for the manual migration, evaluated 3rd party tools, and S2S for Salesforce to Salesforce migration.

For the organizations, Salesforce Integration is imperative as it permits you to access the business-critical data existing on distinct platforms. Be it any sorts of businesses, it doesn’t operate with a single software. To be the most productive in the industry, all those software must sync and communicate with each other and also share their data. Emizentech holds a team of certified Salesforce developers and experts clutching huge experience and robust skillset. We offer Salesforce Integration services along with the most functional third-party software solutions in a smooth way of integrating various platforms with Salesforce.

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Salesforce Integration Offerings

Emizentech provides a wide range of Salesforce Integration services with the help of our complete methods.


Salesforce Integration Using Tools

Salesforce AppExchange has many apps or tools that perform outstandingly to meet your business requirements. Our proficient Salesforce Consultants will assist you in picking one or more AppExchange applications for integration and prepare them to implement the solution that you need.


Salesforce Integration using Informatica Cloud

We, at Emizentech, offer services for Salesforce integration employing Informatica Cloud. A few projects among some that we have executed, embrace Sales Cloud to back-office integration, CRM to data warehouse integration, Service Cloud to back-office integration, and custom integration between Force.com and the other apps.


Salesforce Integration through Middleware

Enterprises employ various platforms to meet their business requirements and that’s why they wish to hold a solution where a group of platforms is implemented so that the data stays synchronized. To implement such a sort of solution, we develop a middleware-server specifically on Heroku or AWS that integrates Salesforce with enhanced endpoints.


Salesforce Integration using REST / SOAP API

Our team of expert integration developers can assist you with two-way integration between Salesforce and other organization apps employing Salesforce API or customized web services. We, at Emizentech, have executed various successful projects of developing custom web services for Salesforce integration with mobile apps, websites, external cloud apps, data aggregation services, and more.


Salesforce API Integration

Salesforce platform backs both REST and SOAP APIs. At Emizentech, we assist the enterprises and businesses to integrate their web apps and solutions with Salesforce directly all through APIs. Our professional Salesforce developers hold deep knowledge and the right experience of performing with all of the Salesforce APIs and can assist you to integrate the exceptional solution for your business.


Salesforce Integration using Mulesoft

Mule ESB / Mulesoft CloudHub is all set to deploy integration solutions of Salesforce with other apps all through a library of connectors. Our Mulesoft Consultants can assist the firms in Salesforce integration to ERP systems employing Mulesoft ESB and other apps that assist you to offer smooth service to your clients.


Salesforce Integration using Dell Boomi

We offer integration services employing Boomi AtomSphere for real-time SaaS integration or one-time data transfer. Our integration service embraces integrating Salesforce with solutions like Marketing, eCommerce, ERP, Financials, Supply Chain, Billing, and other Web Services.

Salesforce Integration Options

At Emizentech, we believe that all the systems should perform together. This states a smooth data flow between the departments, automated data synchronization, and sole access for the users.


ERP Integration

The most common among the use cases belonging to Salesforce integration is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integration. ERP integration with Salesforce attracts an alignment between your resource management process and sales. Sales reps achieve a 360-degree view of their clients by simply checking inventory-relevant shipments, data, and invoices, directly in their CRM system. Akin to this, in the ERP, the updated sales information permits for better planning of manufacturing and procurement considering the demand. Emizentech conducts Salesforce integration with well-known ERP systems, such as Oracle ERP Cloud, Sage, SAP, Infor, and more.

Salesforce ERP integration will assist you to:

  • Align your Front Office Sales with Fulfillment and the Back Office by placing the order in ERP directly.
  • Attain a view on Demand, Inventory for improved decision making.
  • Achieve a comprehensive view of Customer Relationship in CRM embracing Shipment, Invoices, Order Status, and more.
  • Keep in Sync the Customer Master
  • Keep in Sync the Product and Prices

Marketing Automation

CRM integration with Marketing automation systems will assist in better aligning Sales and Marketing functions. Such integration aids you in crafting customer journeys, lead nurturing, engaging with the prospects, and improved campaign management.

Our team can assist you in integrating Salesforce with Pardot, Marketo, Marketing Cloud, MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, Zoho Campaigns, and Eloqua.

Marketing and sales alignment initiates with simple information exchange between both the teams. Integrating the CRM along with marketing systems, you attain re-engagement of cold leads, craft lead nurturing, a transparent impact of the marketing campaigns on the sales, and a constant customer experience.


CTI Integration

Our proficient team of integration experts can assist you by integrating the telephony platforms with Salesforce. We can assist you with both cloud-based and on-premise telephony services. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with 3rd-party telephony can assist you in enhancing customer service. Some of the widely known use cases embrace Automatic Calling, One-Click Calls, Call Popups, Call Recording, Call Routing & Distribution, and Call Metrics.

Emizentech can help in connecting 3rd-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems with Salesforce or activating the CTI toolkit of platforms to allow you to enhance sales and boost service speed and quality. Such integration assists to enhance call management all through:

  • Recognizing and routing incoming calls
  • Allowing VoIP and PSTN calling from inside the Salesforce interface.
  • Automatically logging and recording calls
  • Analyzing the relevant KPIs

Collaboration System Integration

Dedicated collaboration systems, such as Office 365 and SharePoint are used most often to store the documents and handle collaboration company-wide. Employing both a collaboration and a CRM tool for such may result in issues, like document duplication and downtime because of shifting between the systems. Salesforce to SharePoint integration assists to control such pitfalls, and save on licenses and offer employees enhanced flexibility in collaborating on the projects.


ITSM Integration

While your technical assistance teams employ ServiceNow, JIRA, BMC Remedy, or akin tools, sales specialists and customer service connect with the customers all through Salesforce. Even then, both the parties resolve the same product and service problems. To make the customer experience quite exceptional, a company requires to attract the tech and service departments all together in a single environment of customer-centric environment all through the integrations of the tools they employ. Such integration will craft a link between Salesforce cases and JIRA or ServiceNow issues.


Email & Calendar Integration

Our team of experts can assist you by integrating Salesforce with calendaring and email services. We have observed and noticed an enhancement in productivity when tasks, emails, and calendars are integrated. It also offers a smooth experience to end-users who don’t switch between apps.

A sync of contacts, email, appointments, and tasks between CRM and the personal planning software, such as Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, assists to improve the productivity of your staff. One more advantage is a complete and transparent history of customer relationships with no more time investing in data logging. Emizentech is curious to help you with Salesforce integrations with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, also with other email clients.


Accounting Integration

Linking a CRM to an accounting system assists to share financial data along with the sales team and improve customer profiles, handle invoices, and inter-company transactions, also enrich forecasts and attain more financial data-driven insights. Here possible Salesforce integration embraces Zoho Books, QuickBooks, Xero, etc.

Various small and mid-size enterprises employ accounting software. They hold the caliber to smoothly craft invoices from Salesforce CRM and achieve financial information within Salesforce. Accounting Software integration assists in lowering the double data entry and enhances control over-payment collection and invoicing.


Social Media integration

To increase user engagement and experience, it is imperative to track the social media activities. We offer services to integrate social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to enhance your customer visibility on social media platforms.

To render customized customer experience, an organization needs to keep on the top of thoughts and news of customers. Social media integration permits sales reps to track the activities of social prospects.


eCommerce integration

Emizentech offers Salesforce Integration with eCommerce platforms: Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Zuora, and more. Such sorts of integration permits an improvement of revenue per customer and enhancement of customer service, embracing:

  • Running customized promotional campaigns.
  • Allowing customer self-service through customer portals.
  • Reinforcing the customer profiles with browsing history for enriched up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Increasing inventory management and demand forecast.

Why do You Need Salesforce Integration?

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Brand’s Departmental Workflow

Salesforce Integration assists you to sketch enhanced engaged customer and employee experience by offering a 360-degree view. It aids you in attracting two different systems together to develop a unified product view of your clients. Our Salesforce Integration Consultants will assist you with the following traits:

  • Solve complicated business logic to offer you with extra reliable solutions
  • Offers you with single authentication all across entire tools through O-Auth.
  • Assists you in bridging the gap between front-end teams with back-end teams.
  • Craft your business processes self-operational.

Hire Dedicated Salesforce Integration Developers

Our team of certified Salesforce Integration developers smoothen complicated CRM operations to attain your particular business needs.

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Get deeper to know about our Salesforce Integration Services

The most common way to test data and content migration is the data sampling. In this, we pick content/data randomly and then inspect to assure the migration was attained as needed. Although, this method sometimes emerges with distinct error conditions as the new samples are reviewed. This process performs but depends on the acceptable level of an assumption and error linked to repeatability. We will target normally on repeatability and work on three or more iterations of data loads and testing until the customer can make sure that we have attained a reasonable sample.

Let’s check out some widely used tools that you can integrate with Salesforce to improve and automate your business flow: Dell Boomi, RapidiOnline, Tibco Scribe, Mulesoft, Jitterbit.

Acquiring the Salesforce Integration Service can convert your business and offer you the most related tools that you will surely need to smoothen your business operations.

With the related tools that mix well along with the variable needs and altering necessities of your firm, the Salesforce integration can assist you in integrating your product data and customer and diminish the internal problems.

Along with the Salesforce migration service, we offer a set of migration services from other platforms to the Salesforce platform.

  • Sugar CRM to Salesforce Migration
  • Sage CRM to Salesforce Migration
  • Act CRM to Salesforce Migration
  • Zoho to Salesforce Migration

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