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Consulting & Strategy

Consulting & Strategy

Customers are ever-evolving, and your business needs to behave proactively to win them. Profit-driven eCommerce stores need strategies aligned with user expectations and technically capable enough to scale - we understand this very well. Our experts will give you a detailed road map to win the complex world of commerce.


  • -Headless & PWA Strategy
  • -Content-driven Commerce
  • -Marketing automation strategy
  • -Technology & Platform Selection
  • -Growth Planning
  • -Retail Transformation
  • -Cross border expansion

Design & User Experience

We design your store with 100% human approach, making sure your customers get what they want in one click and make sure it's eye-pleasing. Our decade of experience taught us customer-psychology and user-centred methods that add value to the business and increase connection with your brand.


  • -UX Audit
  • -User Persona & Scenarios
  • -Low Fidelity Sketches
  • -High Fidelity Wireframing
  • -UI/UX Design & Prototyping
  • -UI Guidelines
Design & User Experience
Headless Commerce Development

Headless Commerce Development

It is more than just decoupling back-end and front-end. It's empowering your marketing team to perform better without worrying about the site speed. Our approach enables your marketing team to build and run campaigns without developers dependency, and they can make changes during the black Friday confidently, without worrying about downtime.

Platform & Solution

Performance & Conversion Rate Optimization

A website with a low page speed can decrease the opportunities of conversion rates by leaps and bounds. We take a holistic approach with all the right tools, techniques, and detailed research to test your eCommerce store's overall performance and align it to deliver the highest optimization possible. Using both our right and left brain to prepare prolific conversation strategy increases your business's bottom-line.

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • -A/B Testing
  • -1:1 Personalization
  • -Multivariate Testing
  • -Customer Segmentation
  • -Product Recommendations
  • -Checkout Acceleration
  • -Behavioral Messaging
  • -Technical SEO
  • -Customer Journey Mapping

Performance Optimization

  • -Improve Core Web Vitals
  • -Sub-second page speed
  • -Seasonal-sale ready store
  • -Code Optimization
Performance & Conversion Rate Optimization
Managed Support Service

Managed Support Service

We understand the pain of down-site and how it affects the bottom-line. So, we provide ongoing support for your online store, 24x7. Our developers are experts in locating the issue fast and fixing it even faster! Be it a sale or Holiday season, and your online store will run securely and efficiently.

“Aureate Labs helped my business go from $1 million in annual revenue to $1 million in monthly revenue”

Chief Marketing Officer of Lancer Skincare

Chief Marketing Officerof Lancer Skincare

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