Our Shopify Website Maintenance Services

Shopify support services

  • Third-party Apps Integration

    Best when you want to add advanced functionality to your website. Our Shopify experts integrate your site with third-party apps like payment gateways, CRM, and Salesforce, to name a few.

    Depends on severity
  • Theme Changes

    Best when you want custom theme updates for your Shopify website. Our maintenance team will give your store a brand-new look with your desired theme.

    Depends on severity
  • Performance Tuning

    Best when you want to increase conversions on your website. Our performance optimization experts turn your site into a blazing-fast and user-friendly store.

    Depends on severity
  • App Build / Update

    Best when you want to build new extensions for your website or update the existing ones. Our Shopify developers add extensions based on their relevance and impact on site performance.

    40-60 hours
  • Code Audit

    Best when you suspect bugs, security breaches, or feel your past coders have violated coding conventions. We review your Shopify website and ensure every code block line makes sense.

    Depends on severity
  • Bug Solving

    Best when your e-commerce store has bugs pestering all over. Our expert Shopify support team resolves all the bugs before they can cause any damage to your store.

    Depends on severity
  • Migrate to OS 2.0

    Best when you want to migrate to Shopify Online Store 2.0. Our Shopify development experts ensure a smooth migration without losing data, configurations, and design files, among other elements.

    Depends on severity
  • Malware Scanning

    Best when you want to safeguard your Shopify website against malware. We thoroughly scan your site for infected code or files before they blow up your store.

    Depends on severity

Shopify Maintenance Partners - Why Choose Us

Reasons why you should hire our Shopify Maintenance experts

How To Hire Our Shopify Maintenance Experts

Here's how you can take our Shopify support services

Send us Your Requirements

Write to us about your Shopify support and maintenance requirements at hello@aureatelabs.com. Or you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Answer Our Questions

We ask some questions about your Shopify support and maintenance requirements to come up with a plan of action.

We Analyze Your Requirements

Once we have your answers, we scan your website for errors, bugs, and other issues affecting its performance.


Pick Your Shopify Support Package

Then based on your requirements and our analysis, we share an estimated time to bring your store back in shape. You can then select the best package for your website.


Now we execute our primary Shopify maintenance services. Finally, we hand over your Shopify store up and running within the estimated delivery time.


Industries We Have Served

You want to work with Shopify Maintenance experts who have already worked in your niche. Check out some of the industries we have worked in.

Wholesale & Retail

We have experience handling wholesale and retail B2C commerces. If you have one of these stores, our experience will give you a headstart.

Home Decor and Furniture

The home decor and furniture business demands regular theme and functionality updates. You also need stunning visuals for conversion and a lot more to it. Our Shopify support experts already have the edge if this is your industry.


Your healthcare store may need performance tuning for faster web response. Healthcare users expect more speed than other industries. There is more healthcare nitty-gritty too. We have had the experience of tuning healthcare businesses.


Fashion trend demands regular update and the addition of product, category pages, and blog pages. As the store grows big, chances are high it will slow down and create duplicate pages. Our Shopify services experts have dealt with many such stores.

Shopify Maintenance Package

Monthly Retainer

Quick Onboarding

In-House Magento Experts

Priority Support

Weekly Reporting

Customer Success Manager

Resource Allocation


Easy Renewal

Quick Onboarding

In-House Magento Experts

Priority Support

Weekly Reporting

Customer Success Manager

Resource Allocation - Shared

1 Month - Validity

Easy Renewal

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Quick Onboarding

In-House Magento Experts

Priority Support

Weekly Reporting

Customer Success Manager

Resource Allocation - Shared

1 Month - Validity

Easy Renewal

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Quick Onboarding

In-House Magento Experts

Priority Support

Customer Success Manager

Weekly Reporting

Resource Allocation - Dedicated

Validity - 2 Months

Easy Renewal

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Special Emergency Support Services

Get our emergency support service if you engage for six months with us. It's best when you have to deal with sudden site issues.

Switch Maintenance Packages Anytime

You can upgrade or degrade the working hours depending on new requirements.

Maintenance In 20 Hours

Select our pocket-size package of 20 hours and learn more about our work. Switch to the bigger plans once we deliver.

What Client Say

What is Shopify Maintenance?

Shopify maintenance is the process of constantly monitoring and upkeeping a Shopify store to ensure no bugs or errors hamper its performance or user experience. It involves a comprehensive backup of the store - including all the store data and design files - and a detailed examination of Shopify store issues.

The issues are then resolved while ensuring the least downtime possible. Shopify site maintenance is an ongoing process based on your requirements and budget, usually carried out monthly or yearly.

Shopify experts review your website and look for bottlenecks in its code, themes, plugins, third-party apps, and other integrations. After error identification, they optimize your Shopify website for better performance, increased conversions, and higher revenue.

Migration Services

What is Shopify Maintenance and Support Services?

Shopify maintenance and support services are professional support and maintenance plans created by agencies and experts to help Shopify store owners upkeep their store performance. These are customized solutions specific to your website maintenance requirements.

As a store owner, you might not have the right internal expertise and optimization knowledge to look after your Shopify website. That's where professional support and maintenance services come to your rescue.

The experts monitor, review and resolve issues in your Shopify website before they cause any significant damage. They also provide technical support to help you overcome website crashes and downtime.

Migration Services

What are The Key Benefits of Shopify Support and Maintenance Service?

The key benefits of Shopify support and maintenance services are keeping up minimum website downtime and maximum efficiency while optimizing its performance. Apart from these benefits, the service also offers:

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  • Maximum support and maintenance for your Shopify store
  • A dedicated website maintenance team with cross-domain experience by your side
  • The right Shopify expertise to help you maintain your website
  • Consistent website optimization for speed and performance
  • Emergency response for issues that need immediate assistance
  • Smooth migration to Shopify 2.0
  • Shopify SEO
  • Monthly monitoring and reporting of your Shopify website's performance

What Services are Included in Shopify Website Maintenance?

The services included in Shopify website maintenance are website evaluation, Error identification and resolution, Code Review, Third-party integration support, Store updates, Migration support, Performance tuning, Malware scan and removal, Speed optimization, Emergency support, Monthly reporting and monitoring, Site backup, & Ongoing Shopify maintenance.

Migration Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to questions you might have before hiring a Shopify support and maintenance services partner.

What type of website changes can I request?

You can request almost any type of website change you want. Our Shopify maintenance services cover changes in website theme, features, web design, layouts, content, graphics, and functionality, to name a few. If you want other changes not mentioned here, you can always discuss your custom requirements with us, and we will be happy to help.

What is the cost of Shopify maintenance and support services?

The cost of Shopify maintenance and support services depends on your support and maintenance requirements. We design custom Shopify maintenance plans to meet your store's specific needs. Depending on how much time and money you are willing to invest in the project, you can also choose from our pre-designed Shopify maintenance packages. We also provide Shopify priority support services to help you with issues that need immediate assistance.

What about Shopify apps and feature updates?

Don't worry about Shopify apps and feature updates, as we cover all the required ones depending on your requirements. Whether it is custom plugin integration or existing features that need an upgrade — we cover it all.

Can you make custom theme updates and changes?

Yes, we can make custom theme updates and changes based on your version of a perfect Shopify website. You can share your ideas or inspiration to help us understand what kind of theme you want your Shopify store to have. We are all in to give your website a personalized look following your vision.

What about performance monitoring?

We offer performance monitoring to keep track of your website's performance during and after Shopify scheduled maintenance sessions. Our maintenance team is always ready to help you with any issues while observing your website and provide resolution then and there. We also share performance reports to keep you updated about your website's status.

How much does a Shopify expert cost?

A Shopify expert can cost around $100 to $500, depending on their location and your project requirements. If you need basic store setup and management tasks to be done, you can hire Shopify experts for as low as $25/hour. But if your project is complex and requires long-term assistance, you might have to spend around $150/hour.

How do I contact a Shopify maintenance team?

You contact our Shopify maintenance team via email or phone on its company website. Our Shopify maintenance team is reachable at hello@aureatelabs.com. You can also fill out the contact form at the bottom to get in touch.

Why is it important that my Shopify store is always up to date?

It is important that your Shopify store is always up to date because it protects your store from security threats and performance issues. While security breaches can cost you business and reputation, a poor Shopify store will disappoint customers. No one wants to buy from a shady or slow-loading website. And you would definitely not want that for your business.

Do you include safety auditing and security upgrades?

Yes, we include safety auditing and security upgrades in our Shopify store support and maintenance services. We scan your Shopify website for possible security risks and take measures to prevent the damage. If your website shows signs of weak security — that may invite breaches — we also offer security upgrades to bring your website back to safety.

How will you start the project for us?

We will start the project for you with a comprehensive Shopify website audit. Once we share the audit report with you, we will discuss your store support and maintenance plan in detail. Next, we will explain to you the required steps to be taken to keep your website up-to-date and high-performing. Finally, when we agree to the terms of the project, we start implementation and share monthly progress reports with you.

How do I put my Shopify in maintenance mode?

You cannot directly put your Shopify in maintenance mode as there isn't a feature for it yet. But you can use the "Password Protection" feature of Shopify to inform your customers about your store's maintenance mode and still keep your SEO rankings in place. Here's how you enable a password and set up a Shopify maintenance page for your customers.

  1. Log in to your Shopify account and go to Online Store > Preferences.
  2. Head over to the Password Protection area and check the box Enable Password.
  3. Add a password different from your login password.
  4. Write a message for your customers in the Message for your visitors’ section informing them about your site maintenance and that you will be back soon.
  5. Click Save.

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