Our Hyvä Frontend Development Services

Expect these Hyvä services for your ease.

  • Hyvä Themes Magento 2 Development

    Get all the features a traditional non-Hyvä store has. Plus the lightning page speed. We provide A to Z Hyvä solutions from buying licensed themes to building the entire Hyvä store.

  • Custom Hyvä Theme Development

    Best when you already own a Hyvä store and want to customize it. Your competitors have customized checkouts and landing pages? Be on the same page. Build a trendy & customized Hyvä store and stay on the hunt.

  • Hyvä Integration & Migration Services

    Best when you feel a little unsatisfied with your existing eCommerce platform. Our migration service ensures the store looks and feels the same on the new Hyvä Magento platform. You lose nothing and gain plenty of speed.

  • Hyvä Support & Maintenance

    Hyvä themes may have been Bugatti Veyron of Magento themes. But they need support and maintenance if there is any technical hiccup. Best for overall performance tuning.

  • Hyvä Performance Optimization

    The performance of your Hyvä store may slow down with either bad practices or updates. Our Hyvä performance optimization service speeds up the already fast store. Best when you want a "fast to faster" transition.

  • Plugin Compatibility

    Your Hyvä store may not be compatible with all the applications and plugins. We make sure every plugin works perfectly fine with your store. No need to dump plugins that Hyvä doesn't support. We make compatibility modules work again!

Magento Hyvä Developers - Benefits Of Hiring Us

Reasons why you should hire our Hyvä developers.

Our Hyvä Magento 2 Development Process

Here's our scope of Hyvä theme development.

Requirement Understanding

We arrange meetings and have detailed discussions in this phase. You share with us your store requirements and budget. The meeting will be scheduled over your convenient medium.


Planning and Wireframing

We plan your Hyvä store and website schema in this stage. Then we send the design for your approval so you can share your ideas and suggest if we match your expectations.

Designing the Hyvä Store

We design your Hyvä store here. The process takes about 6 to 8 weeks*. All the heavy lifting is done in this stage.


Hyvä Theme Implementation

We implement the design in the store once we have prototyped it. This is where your store begins to come to life.

Hyvä Theme Testing

Then we test the store and ensure every little functionality is operational. Our quality testing team reviews your business store and makes sure it's user-friendly.


Hyvä Website Deployment

Finally, we launch your store. Your new frontend for Magento is ready, and you're good to start generating revenues from it.

Industries We Have Served

You want to work with Hyva developers who know the ins and outs of your industry. With our existing work portfolio, chances are high we have already worked in your niche.

Wholesale & Retail

Our Hyva developers have already worked on wholesale B2B and retail B2C businesses.


Your hospitality business demands stunning visuals, local flavor, and mobile compatibility. We have been there and done that.


Your healthcare store needs visual credibility, a sense of belongingness, and empathy. Our Hyva developers and designers have experience in designing such stores.


Fashion stores usually have hundreds of SKUs and demand a neat and categorized site structure with a responsive experience. Our Hyva experts have dealt with many such stores.

Best Hyvä Theme Development Package For You

We offer flexible engagement models as we believe in delivering value for money to our clients & their specific needs. Our engagement approaches are crafted considering mutual interests in mind.What works for you works for us.

Fixed Price Model

The fixed pricing model is the ideal option for projects with well-defined scope and needs. All project requirements are outlined from the start of the development process under this model. Small enterprises and medium-sized projects with limited or set budgets benefit the most from this arrangement. The project's key objectives and deliverables are also pre-defined, in addition to the time and cost.

  • The fixed model has a predetermined budget.
  • Invoice and Payment is based on completed milestones.
  • Client approval is required for scope changes to ensure the budget never exceeds.
  • Low or no risk approach for service provider and customer because cost and deadline are set before the project begins.

Time and Material Model

This strategy is best suited for projects when the scope is unclear and the needs are constantly changing. This model allows hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly charges for the amount of work, tasks, resources, or other expenses incurred throughout the development process. Depending on the client's ongoing lifecycle, this model provides the flexibility to change project specifications, investigate new activities, and modify the size of project resources.

  • Best model for the project with changing needs.
  • Flexible payment options for clients - hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Agile model allowing the client to experiment with new activities and needs.
  • Change project resources as the project's lifespan progresses.

Dedicated Hiring Model

Dedicated Hiring model is best suited for projects that require rapid scalability or require experienced developers to work on a long-term basis. This model is ideal for meeting short project deadlines, unplanned team expansion, or hiring a developer for emerging technologies when flexibility is important. You have total control over process, procedures and resources making it best for business with varied schedules and productivity demands.

  • Best model for clients having in-house project management team.
  • Get a team of developers explicitly allocated to your project.
  • Monthly, Quarterly, six monthly & yearly billing.
  • Virtual staff working just for your team and with your team.

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What are Hyvä Themes?

Hyvä themes are the new Magento 2 front end to build lightweight and fast-loading eCommerce websites. The theme takes about only one-third of the development time of PWA stores and half the time of the LUMA theme. Better Dev experience and faster time to market are some of the other benefits of Hyvä themes.

What is Hyvä Frontend Development?

Hyvä frontend development is the process of developing lightweight Magento-based eCommerce stores on Hyvä themes. Magento 2 development on Hyvä gives a more high-performing website than traditional Luma-based Magento stores.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hyvä Themes?

The benefits of using Hyvä themes are:

Better Site Performance

  • Hyvä theme gives 100/100 to Google Core Web Vital score, the score that is important for site performance. Site performance is directly proportional to how well the store does on search engines and how great the user experience is.

Replacement For Headless PWA

  • Magento 2 headless PWA is time-consuming and expensive. Hyvä offers an alternative approach to building a fast eCommerce store.

Faster To Deploy

  • Your Hyvä store can get ready twice as faster as the LUMA stack and thrice as PWA stores while giving the same user experience.

Lesser Development Costs

  • Hyvä is naturally faster to build. The shorter development period makes Hyvä an affordable solution for businesses.

Magento 2 Store Of Future

  • Hyvä theme builds future-proof Magento stores. The store is not going anywhere as the old Magento community feels Magento 2 is a breath of fresh air.

What Are The Features Of Hyvä Themes?

The features of Hyvä themes are:

  • Small Learning Curve

    Other headless solutions demand a lot of changes to be made on the front end. They also need resources like developers, time, and money. But with Hyvä, most of the Magento is the same for you. Also, AlpineJS & Tailwind are the only learning steep for Hyvä.

  • Blazing Fast Store

    Speed is the most critical feature of the Hyvä store development. The store you'll have will be faster than the traditional LUMA store.

How To Hire A Hyvä Web Development Company?

Hire the Hyvä web development team the following way:

Consider Relevant Technical Skills

It all begins with analyzing the technical skills of the Hyvä development company. You want the developers to have a technical understanding of the project, so it takes them less time to build your store.

Consider Experience

The Hyvä web development company should be able to demonstrate their experiences. Hyvä is relatively new, but it still has Magento as its major portion. So your Hyvä team should have a bit of Magento experience, at least.

Look At Their Portfolio

You want to consider the kind of portfolio the Hyvä Magento agency has. Because you're going to hire them, don't hesitate to ask for other Hyvä projects they have worked on.

Look For Client's Review

Don't forget to ask for the client's review as with the portfolio. Dig into the social channels and the Hyvä websites they have made. You want to work with companies having favorable review profiles.


Google ratings are the easiest way to determine if you should hire the Hyvä frontend developers. Check the work rating on Google and make hiring easier for yourself.

Niche Expertise

It's always good to work with experts in your industry. Hyvä agencies with niche expertise stay on the top with the latest eCommerce designs and practices.


The pricing structure of the agency you're going to hire should be flexible and easy to understand. Don't fall for the cheaper Hyvä agencies that cost way less than average in the industry.

Check Company's Website

It is something you can do it right away. Check the website of your prospect agency and find out the design and content principles they apply to their websites.

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

Which is better? Hyvä or Magento PWA?

Hyvä theme development is better if you want an affordable eCommerce solution in a quick time.

What is cheaper? Hyvä eCommerce development or Magento frontend development in PWA?

Hyvä eCommerce is cheaper and has a faster turnaround time. PWA stores are twice as costly if you build the same store with the same functionality.

What takes less time? Hyvä development or PWA development?

If you build two stores with the exact same functionality, one on Hyvä and the other on PWA, the PWA Magento commerce store will take twice as much time as the Hyvä Magento Store.

When should I go for Hyvä theme development?

Go for Hyvä theme development when you want to get into the market quickly and wish to build a fantastic user experience right from the word go. Hyvä is also a good choice if you want an affordable solution.

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