Magento Maintenance Service - What Do We Do?

The ongoing Magento support includes

  • Magento Bug Fixes And Troubleshooting

    Best when your Magento store has technical bugs. We troubleshoot the issues that may compromise the quality of your store.

    Depends on severity
  • Magento Website Security

    Best when you want to improve security patches. Our Magento website support ensures a safer web experience for users and your business.

    10-16 hours
  • Magento Website Backup

    Best when you haven't saved the necessary data yet. Magento site backup restores the complete eCommerce database of your business.

    2-4 hours
  • Magento Version Upgrades

    Best when you want to upgrade to the latest Magento version. Regular updates keep your Magento store fast and safe.

    40-60 hours
  • Magento Extension Build/Update

    Best when you want to build a customized Magento extension for your store or want to update the existing one.

    Depends on severity
  • Magento Performance Tuning

    Best when you want to increase the website's conversion rate. Performance optimization improves site speed and usability.

    18-20 hours
  • Disaster Recovery

    Best when you want to regain access to your data and infrastructure after disastrous events like cyber attacks and natural calamities. Our Magento support agency has experience working on a variety of recovery methods.

    Depends on severity
  • Code Audit

    Best when you suspect bugs, security breaches, or feel your past coders have violated coding conventions. We review your Magento website and make sure every line in the code block makes sense.

    18 to 20 hours
  • Magento Plugins, Theme, and Extension Installation

    Best when you want to install new plugins or change themes of your Magento sites. Our Magento support service installs everything necessary to make your store user-friendly and competitive.

    4-8 hours/each

Magento Maintenance Team - Benefits Of Hiring Us

Reasons why you should work with us.

Maintenance Process

Here's how you take our Magento support services

Send Requirements

Write us your Magento maintenance requirements. Check the contact form at the bottom of the page or reach us at


Answer Our Questions

Then we propose a set of Magento support questions to understand your needs better. Answer all the questions for accurate estimates.

Study Your Needs

Once you've answered all the questions, we review your website, industry, and possible issues related to it.


Estimates And Recommendations

IThen we give estimated hours to maintain your store. It helps you select the best package for your eCommerce website.


It is where we execute primary maintenance services. Expect us to deliver the service by the estimated time.


Industries We Have Served

You want to work with Magento Maintenance experts who have already worked in your niche. Check out some of the industries we have worked in.

Wholesale & Retail

We have experience handling wholesale and retail B2C commerce. If you have one of these stores, our experience will give you a headstart.


The hospitality business demands regular theme and functionality updates. You also need stunning visuals for conversion and a lot more to it. Our Magento support experts already have the edge if this is your industry.


Your healthcare store may need performance tuning for faster web response. Healthcare users expect more speed than other industries. There is more healthcare nitty-gritty too. We have had the experience of tuning healthcare businesses.


Fashion trend demands regular update and the addition of product, category pages, and blog pages. As the store grows big, chances are high it will slow down and create duplicate pages. Our Magento services experts have dealt with many such stores.

Magento Support Packages

Monthly Retainer

Quick Onboarding

In-House Magento Experts

Priority Support

Weekly Reporting

Customer Success Manager

Resource Allocation


Easy Renewal

Quick Onboarding

In-House Magento Experts

Priority Support

Weekly Reporting

Customer Success Manager

Resource Allocation - Shared

1 Month - Validity

Easy Renewal

Know More

Quick Onboarding

In-House Magento Experts

Priority Support

Weekly Reporting

Customer Success Manager

Resource Allocation - Shared

1 Month - Validity

Easy Renewal

Know More

Quick Onboarding

In-House Magento Experts

Priority Support

Customer Success Manager

Weekly Reporting

Resource Allocation - Dedicated

Validity - 2 Months

Easy Renewal

Know More

Special Emergency Support Services

Get our emergency support service if you engage for six months with us. It's best when you have to deal with sudden site issues.

Switch Maintenance Packages Anytime

You can upgrade or degrade the working hours depending on new requirements.

Maintenance In 20 Hours

Select our pocket-size package of 20 hours and learn more about our work. Switch to the bigger plans once we deliver.

What Client Say

What is Magento Web Maintenance?

Magento web maintenance is a process of maintaining and supporting Magento eCommerce stores and websites. Businesses buy Magento support and maintenance services to check website performance, security issues, disaster recovery, performance tuning, online store management, etc.

Migration Services

What Are Magento Maintenance Services?

Magento web maintenance service is a professional support service given by Magento web development companies. The service demands agencies to audit Magento stores, identify the technical issues, optimize the store, determine security patches, and many more activities to improve the site performance.

Magento 2 Development Service

What Are The Benefits Benefits of Magento Support Services?

The benefits of Magento Support Services are as follows:

Get A Secure Magento Store

  • Your eCommerce store is going to conduct multiple transactions. Shoppers trust you, and this is why they buy from you. Give them a secure Magento store with support service.

Have An Up-to-date Store

  • Your competitors may have adapted new features of Magento. You don't want to miss out on beneficial updates.

Have A Blazing Fast Site

  • A fast website is directly proportional to conversion and sales. A rewarding website for users leaves rewarding customers for the business.

Get All The Functionalities Working

  • Every feature on your website should be working fine. Magento support services make sure your website is usable at all points.

Have More Sales

  • Imagine losing customers because of a theme mismatch or lack of a price filter. Little fixes can make an enjoyable buying experience for the customers.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Check out some questions before hiring a Magento support and maintenance services.

How do I contact Magento support?

You can contact our Magento support through the contact form at the bottom. Or you can write us at

Do I Need to Sign Extensive Contracts?

No, you don't have to sign any contract with us. Tell us your requirements, and we can immediately start working on your Magento support project.

How Quickly Do You Respond To Support Query?

We give immediate attention if you're our existing client and any critical issue comes up. For new customers, we can onboard and get started in 2 hours. The response of our priority also depends on the severity of the issue.

Does Maintenance Hour Carry Forward To Next Month?

No, we have a fixed validity on the packages. You'll have to renew the package once you have exhausted the limit.

Will My Magento Site Slow Down During Maintenance?

No, your Magento site will not slow down during maintenance. We do all the fixes on the developer server, and then it goes to the staging environment. Then we send over the changes for you to review. As soon as you give us the green flag, it takes us 5 to 15 minutes to make the changes. Only during the deployment minutes, your website visitors will get a maintenance warning, which is for a very brief moment.

What is The Cost Of Magento Support And Maintenance Service?

We provide one-time Magento maintenance service to long-term support services. The cost of Magento support and maintenance service depends on the size of the project, scope of work, and severity of the store. Before we start working, our team will review your website and give you the probable time and cost estimates.

What Happens If a Site Breaks During Maintenance?

If your site breaks during maintenance hours, we fix them quickly. However, the probability of breaking your site during maintenance is almost zero because we use version control tools to revert any mistake. We also make all the changes at the staging server which is the replica of your website. If fixes are proper on the staging server, the fixes will be proper on your website.

What is The Difference Between Magento Consultation Services and Magento Support Services?

The difference between Magento consultation services and Magento support services is that the Magento consultation team looks to understand your requirements and build strategies for developing a fully-functional store. In contrast, the Magento support team looks to keep your website running at its best capacity.

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