Magento Performance Optimization Services-What Do We Do?

Our Magento performance optimization services include

  • Site Performance Analysis

    Best when you do not know the issues slowing down your Magento website. Our performance audit process finds factors that affect the site speed.

    16 hours
  • Theme and Front-end Optimization

    Best when your bloated theme gives a slow and bad user experience. We optimize your Magento theme and every element customers interact with.

    24 hours
  • Third-party Extension Optimization

    Best when your third-party extensions start interfering with the website speed. We audit every extension damping your store and remove them to optimize your Magento core.

    12 - 18 hours
  • Hardware Optimization Services

    Best when your Magento store needs an optimized server and a fast hosting provider. We fine-tune the store's backend to reduce server response time.

    32 hours
  • Cache Optimization

    Best if you want a clean cache system. Our Magento speed optimization experts optimize caching with the latest technologies.

    8 to 12 hours
  • Database Optimization

    Best when tons of Magento data slows down your eCommerce store. We remove unnecessary data files for a responsive website.

    16 hours
  • Media File Optimization

    Best when heavy media files prevent your Magento store from loading fast. Our web page speed optimization experts use fast loading files to enhance your store performance.

    8 hours

Magento 2 Speed Optimization Experts- Benefits Of Hiring Us

Some reasons why should hire our Magento speed optimization experts

Magento Speed Optimization Process

Expect these in Magento 2 speed optimization process


Make Core Magento Optimization

This is where we fix all the core Magento issues. It has the largest impact on your store speed. Expect radical changes for quicker eCommerce.

Optimize All The Plugins

The step identifies all the extensions and plugins that slow down your store. We remove unwanted plugins and suggest better ones for the same function.


Analyze Existing Customized Code

This step reviews the customized code in your website introduced by the previous team. It may involve as small a task as changing it to efficient code to as big a task as re-writing the entire code for a faster website.

Optimize For Scalability

We test your store speed, theme usability, and extension functionalities for a scalable environmen t. This step ensures your store performs well during high traffic and interaction, especially when your previous team hasn't tested the store in the scaling environment.


Magento Speed Optimization Result

Magento Speed Optimization Result image before Before
Magento Speed Optimization Result image after After

Our Speed Optimization Hiring And Evaluation Process

Here's how you take our Magento support services

  • 1. Send Requirements

    Write us your Magento migration requirements. Check the contact form at the bottom of the page or reach us at

  • 2. Answer Our Questions

    Then we propose a set of Magento speed optimization questions to understand your needs better. Answer all the questions for accurate estimates.

  • 3. Study Your Needs

    Once you've answered all the questions, we review your website, industry, and possible issues related to it.

  • 4. Estimates And Recommendations

    Then we give estimated hours to speed up your store. It helps you select the best model for your eCommerce website.

  • 5. Execution

    It is where we execute primary optimization services. Expect us to deliver the service by the estimated time.

Industries we have served

You want to work with Shopify Maintenance experts who have already worked in your niche. Check out some of the industries we have worked in.

Wholesale Retail

Wholesale & Retail

We have experience handling wholesale and retail B2C commerces. If you have one of these stores, our experience will give you a headstart.

Home Decor

Home Decor and Furniture

The home decor and furniture business demands regular theme and functionality updates. You also need stunning visuals for conversion and a lot more to it. Our Shopify support experts already have the edge if this is your industry.



Your healthcare store may need performance tuning for faster web response. Healthcare users expect more speed than other industries. There is more healthcare nitty-gritty too. We have had the experience of tuning healthcare businesses.



Fashion trend demands regular update and the addition of product, category pages, and blog pages. As the store grows big, chances are high it will slow down and create duplicate pages. Our Shopify services experts have dealt with many such stores.

Best Magento Speed Package For You

We offer flexible engagement models as we believe in delivering value for money to our clients & their specific needs. Our engagement approaches are crafted considering mutual interests in mind.What works for you works for us.

Fixed Price Model

The fixed pricing model is the ideal option for projects with well-defined scope and needs. All project requirements are outlined from the start of the development process under this model. Small enterprises and medium-sized projects with limited or set budgets benefit the most from this arrangement. The project's key objectives and deliverables are also pre-defined, in addition to the time and cost.

  • The fixed model has a predetermined budget.
  • Invoice and Payment is based on completed milestones.
  • Client approval is required for scope changes to ensure the budget never exceeds.
  • Low or no risk approach for service provider and customer because cost and deadline are set before the project begins.

Time and Material Model

This strategy is best suited for projects when the scope is unclear and the needs are constantly changing. This model allows hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly charges for the amount of work, tasks, resources, or other expenses incurred throughout the development process. Depending on the client's ongoing lifecycle, this model provides the flexibility to change project specifications, investigate new activities, and modify the size of project resources.

  • Best model for the project with changing needs.
  • Flexible payment options for clients - hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Agile model allowing the client to experiment with new activities and needs.
  • Change project resources as the project's lifespan progresses.

Speedy Store In Minimum 1 Week

It takes us 1 week to optimize an average number of eCommerce stores. The timeline may depend on the size of the project.

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In-House Magento Experts

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Emergency Optimization Support

Get our emergency optimization service if there's a sudden spike in traffic and conversions in your store. Best when you want a quick scaling solution.

All-Device/Magento Mobile Optimization

The impact of Magento speed optimization also affects the buying experience for users on mobile devices. Expect your store to be fast on all the devices.

What are Magento Speed Optimization Services?

Magento speed optimization services are professional service packages offered by Magento web development companies. These packages include custom plans to optimize your Magento store performance. Optimizing Magento speed broadly covers server optimization, cache optimization, theme optimization, extension optimization, database optimization, media file optimization, and website performance optimization.

Why is Magento Optimization Important?

Magento optimization is important because:

It Gives A Great User Experience

  • The visitors to your Magento store get what they want in a matter of seconds. Instant gratification is translated into a great user experience.

You Get Better Conversion Rates

  • Your prospective buyers will be quick to convert when you have a fast-loading store and a perfectly optimized server to render information.

You Can Boost Your Sales

  • When you give a smooth shopping experience to your customers, they will buy more, ultimately driving more sales for your business.

It Helps You Get Quick ROI

  • You can notice quicker returns on performance-optimized Magento stores than on slow and poor-performing ones.

How can You Improve Magento's Performance?

You can improve Magento's performance in the 8 steps:

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  • Audit all the third-party extensions to check if they impact site speed and remove the ones that slow down your website.
  • Buy the fastest hosting plan within your budget.
  • Enable full page cache to speed up your Magento website.
  • Optimize your media files to decrease page load time.
  • Minify CSS and JS on your website.
  • Establish a content delivery network (CDN).
  • Compress files for better server performance and faster transfer on networks.
  • Use Varnish instead of built-in cache because the latter can cache both static and dynamic content.
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Magento Speed Optimization FAQs

Some FAQs on Magento speed optimization service

How Do I Contact Magento Speed Optimization Service?

You can contact our Magento support through the contact form at the bottom. Or you can write us at

Will My Magento Site Slow Down During Optimization?

No, your Magento site will not slow down during speed optimization. All the code work and rework are done on the developer server. Then it goes to the staging environment and we send over the changes for you to review. As soon as you give us the green flag, it takes us 5 to 15 minutes to make the changes.

How Quickly Do You Respond To Support Query?

We give immediate attention if you're our existing client and any critical issue comes up. For new customers, we can onboard and get started in 2 hours. The response of our priority also depends on the severity of the issue.

How to understand that my Magento 2 is slow?

You can understand that your Magento 2 is slow when you notice a decline in website traffic, search engine rankings, conversion rate, sales, and returns. You will also see an increase in bounce rates, abandoned carts, unfinished payments, etc. Plus, if you navigate your website and frown at slow-loading pages, it speaks a lot about your website speed.

Can you help me to speed up my Magento store?

Yes, we can help you speed up your Magento store with our Magento page speed optimization services. After a thorough audit of your Magento site, we identify factors affecting your load speed and resolve them. In the end, you get a blazing-fast Magento store.

Can you help me to increase google page speed?

Yes, we can help you to increase your Google PageSpeed Insight score with our Magento optimization service. We do image compression, browser cache management, HTML/JS/CSS minification, and AMP (accelerated mobile pages) to improve the performance of your Magento site and its Google page speed insight score.

Does Maintenance Hour Carry Forward To Next Month?

No, we have a fixed validity on the packages. You'll have to renew the optimization package once you have exhausted the limit.

What Happens If Site Breaks During Optimization?

If your site breaks during optimization hours, we fix them quickly. But the probability of breaking your site during optimization is almost zero because we use version control tools to revert any mistake. We also make all the changes at the staging server which is the replica of your website. If fixes are proper on the staging server, the fixes will be proper on your website.

What Is The Cost Of Magento Speed Optimization Service?

The cost of Magento Speed Optimization Service depends on the size of the project, scope of work, and severity of the store. Before we start working, our team will review your website and give you the probable time and cost estimates.

How fast will my website become after Magento performance optimization?

Your website will become fast by 3-5 seconds after Magento performance optimization. The speed will depend on factors like the Magento version, the number of media files your website has, cache management, third-party extensions, and hosting solutions. We try to make your Magento site load 3-5 seconds faster based on how these factors impact site speed.

How much time does it take to optimize my Magneto store?

It takes a minimum of one week to optimize your Magento store. However, the optimization time may vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.

What PageSpeed Insights scores will I get in the end?

In the end, you can expect your PageSpeed Insights score to reach the green zone. However, the final score depends on how many slow-loading elements you remove from your Magento website. If we consider keeping the most important ones, our team can help you get a score of 60-70 on mobile devices and 90 on desktops.

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