Our Magento eCommerce Development Services

We offer several Magento services for your eCommerce store. Start with building a high-converting store.

  • Magento e-commerce Development

    Best to use when you want to build a fresh store from scratch. The service focuses on building a fully-functional store with optimized product, category, and checkout pages.

  • Custom Magento Theme Development

    Our custom Magento theme development service helps you customize the store based on your requirements. We can customize any theme template into the dream of a website you need.

  • Magento Support & Maintenance

    Your Magento store needs support against security threats when it has run old. Our support and maintenance service ensures your website is error-free and updated.

  • Magento Integration Service

    Best when you want to have a flying, multi-functional store. Integrate plugins, extensions, CRM, ERP, and third-party applications to make your business more advanced and efficient.

  • Magento Speed Optimization

    Best when your Magento store has slowed down over the course of time. We can have your Magento store up and running like a fresh store with our Magento speed optimization service.

  • Hyva Frontend Development

    Best when you want one of the fastest Magento themes for your store. Hyva Magento 2 development service aims to build a super-fast and high-converting store.

  • Magento 2 PWA

    Best when you want to have an app-like store experience. Our Magento 2 PWA service gives the necessary vitamins needed for your website to behave like a mobile application.

  • Magento 1 to 2 Migration

    Magento 1 to 2 migration service migrates any Magento 1.x version store to the latest Magento 2 version. Best to migrate when you don't find any official support for Magento 1, care for the security patches and user experience.

  • Magento Migration services

    Magento migration services are best if you feel stuck with existing platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. We’ll migrate the entire store to the Magento 2 platform without losing any data, functionality, and experience.

Magento 2 Development Service

Build a fully-functional Magento 2 store to stay in the hunt with the other fast-performing Magento 2 stores. Our Magento Web development company has veteran and certified Magento 1 developers who also have expertise in Magento 2.

Magento 2 Development Service

Benefits Of Hiring Us As Magento Development Partners

Reasons why you should work with us.

Website Development Process

Here's how our Magento web development company builds your store.

Find Your Magento Commerce Needs

Magento web development begins with understanding your requirement and the type of store you need. We clarify more things like the industry you work in, the number of SKUs you have, and the functionalities you need.

  • Need analysis
  • Product understanding
  • Industry analysis
  • Find out goals
  • Learn about your deadlines
  • Meetings

Make Magento Strategies

Once we have understood your Magento needs, we plan site design, navigation, and site structure. We also check competitors, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and explore your industry to build better Magento stores.

  • SWOT analysis
  • Competition gap analysis
  • Plan user journey

Create Magento Commerce Action Plan

Our Magento developers create action plans for your eCommerce store in this stage. They build business blueprints, determine the goals and deadlines, and figure out ways to execute them.

  • Finalize the blueprint
  • Set milestones
  • Role explanation to team

Magento Design And Development

In this stage, we design and develop the first look and feel of your eCommerce store. Maximum part of your Magento store will be customized and industry-specific. The feel of the store will send the right brand message.

  • Build customer persona
  • Wireframes
  • UX/UI Design
  • Create brand-oriented website

Magento Website Integration

Next in the line is Magento website integration. We integrate all the necessary third-party extensions and tools to make your website multi-functional for users. This can be integrated with order management, shipping, finance, and payment applications.

  • Integrate CRM
  • Connect plugins
  • Add functional extensions

Magento Store Testing

We put your Magento eCommerce store to testing measures once it is ready. The quality assurance and testing teams check every store action and ensure the user has a smooth journey during the entire buying experience.

  • Code review
  • Code fixing
  • Code minification
  • Website usability

Launch The Magento Store

Once your store has passed all the development quality tests, the deployment managers launch your store. Then the project delivery manager makes the final review of the Magento store and arranges training sessions for you.

  • Final review
  • Deployment
  • Training session

Manage The Magento Website

Managing your Magento store is the final step. We don’t stop at building and launching your store, but also take care of technical issues, timely upgrades, optimal web performance, and overall eCommerce troubleshooting.

  • Optimize site performance
  • Manage Magento Upgrades
  • Give tech support
  • Magento security
  • Magento store backup

Industries We Have Served

You want to work with Magento development companies that have experience in your industry. With our decade of experience, chances are high we have already worked in your niche.

Wholesale & Retail

Our Magento developers have already worked on wholesale B2B and retail B2C businesses.


Your hospitality business demands stunning visuals, local flavor, and mobile compatibility. We have been there and done that.


Your healthcare store needs visual credibility, a sense of belongingness, and empathy. Our Magento development agency has experience in designing such stores.


Fashion stores usually have hundreds of SKUs and demand a neat and categorized site structure with a responsive experience. Our Magento experts have dealt with many such stores.

Hire Our Magento Web Development Company

Hire Us
  • Share your requirements.

  • We shortlist the most suitable talent.

  • Select the right fit for your business.

  • Remote Onboarding & Support.

Best Magento Web Development Package For You

We offer flexible engagement models as we believe in delivering value for money to our clients & their specific needs. Our engagement approaches are crafted considering mutual interests in mind.What works for you works for us.

Fixed Price Model

The fixed pricing model is the ideal option for projects with well-defined scope and needs. All project requirements are outlined from the start of the development process under this model. Small enterprises and medium-sized projects with limited or set budgets benefit the most from this arrangement. The project's key objectives and deliverables are also pre-defined, in addition to the time and cost.

  • The fixed model has a predetermined budget.
  • Invoice and Payment is based on completed milestones.
  • Client approval is required for scope changes to ensure the budget never exceeds.
  • Low or no risk approach for service provider and customer because cost and deadline are set before the project begins.

Time and Material Model

This strategy is best suited for projects when the scope is unclear and the needs are constantly changing. This model allows hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly charges for the amount of work, tasks, resources, or other expenses incurred throughout the development process. Depending on the client's ongoing lifecycle, this model provides the flexibility to change project specifications, investigate new activities, and modify the size of project resources.

  • Best model for the project with changing needs.
  • Flexible payment options for clients - hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Agile model allowing the client to experiment with new activities and needs.
  • Change project resources as the project's lifespan progresses.

Dedicated Hiring Model

Dedicated Hiring model is best suited for projects that require rapid scalability or require experienced developers to work on a long-term basis. This model is ideal for meeting short project deadlines, unplanned team expansion, or hiring a developer for emerging technologies when flexibility is important. You have total control over process, procedures and resources making it best for business with varied schedules and productivity demands.

  • Best model for clients having in-house project management team.
  • Get a team of developers explicitly allocated to your project.
  • Monthly, Quarterly, six monthly & yearly billing.
  • Virtual staff working just for your team and with your team.

What is a Magento Web Development Company?

A Magento web development company is a group of certified Magento developers and managers who build online eCommerce stores on the Magento 2 platform. The Magento company

  • Understands your needs
  • Prepares development strategies
  • Customizes user experience
  • Launches website on time
  • Helps scale all the businesses type

Many Magento web development companies also offer post-development solutions like :

  • Magento maintenance service
  • Magento integration service
  • Custom Magento service
  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration service
  • Migration to Magento 2 from other platforms
  • Magento speed optimization

Usually, it's not necessary to pick all the services. Most of the Magento development agencies let you pick the Magento service of your choice. It’s always a good practice to let one Magento company define the complete area.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Magento Development Company?

The benefits of hiring Magento development companies are as follows:

Get Expert Guidance

  • The Magento agency you're going to hire may have worked with other businesses in your industry.
  • You want to build your store under expert developers and consultants.
  • They test your website under strict quality testing guidelines.

Have Long-Term Business Roadmaps

  • Certified Magento companies design the scope of the project before they start.
  • They go through the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.
  • They understand customer priority.

Build Features For Customers

  • Experienced Magento Development Companies keep user experience in top-most priority before designing the store.
  • The Magento company use tools for designing accurate and user-friendly features.

Get Customized Magento Store

  • Magento web development companies give customized options that freelancers may not give.
  • They can customize both the front-end and back-end for your needs.

Optimize Your Store

  • Magento Design & Development Firms ensure your website is optimized for users, search engines, conversion, and sales.
  • They also make sure your website design is optimized for users.
  • Magento eCommerce development company also provides technical solutions to optimize your problems.

How To Hire A Magento Web Development Company?

Hire a Magento web development company in the following ways:

Map Business Requirements

Strategize business goals that you wish to accomplish and check if the Magento company offers the Magento web design and web development services you want.

Certified Developers

Choose the magento web development agency with certified developers under their roof.

Analyze Portfolio

Your Magento agency should give you a clear picture of their portfolio and whether they are the right match for your project.

Review and Ratings

See if the Magento agency has positive Google and UpWork reviews. You want to shortlist the companies with positive work experience.

Communication Mode

You want to hire magento web development firm that has advanced communication tools to stay connected with you.

Project Delivery

Make sure you discuss the project timeline with the Magento company before making any deal.

Support Services

Ask the Magento services company if they’d be up for providing after-sale assistance.

Hire Us

How Much Will The Magento Agency Cost?

The Magento Agency will cost between $50,000 to $100,000 in 2022. However, the cost may differ depending on the size of your project, the customization needs, the location of the agency, the expertise of the developer, and what you want from the website.

Why hire Magento Developers from Aureate?

What To Expect From Top Magento Development Companies?

Expect the following from the top magento development companies. They will.

  • Offer sound and understandable solutions
  • Manage your expectations
  • Have wireframe first before they jump to the project
  • Communicate words on regular basis
  • Be flexible with your needs
  • Deliver on time
  • Test, and test, and test
  • Give user support


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What Client Say

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is Magento web development?

Magento web development is a process of developing feature-rich eCommerce platforms on the open source Magento platform. Its web development process includes building flexible and functionality-loaded websites. Many Magento companies use magento web development services to build engaging and dynamic eCommerce.

How much is Magento per month?

Magento per month costs around $1,600 for its base plan. Magento commerce uses a subscription model to charge users. The price of Magento per month may change depending on the project size and Magento plan. Magento pro plan charges store owners annually based on average store order.

Is Magento the best eCommerce platform?

Yes, Magento is the best eCommerce platform because it is a flexible and secure platform for any eCommerce business. Other features like security, customization, scalability, support, etc. make it the best eCommerce builder. The wide use cases and features of Magento make it power 12% of the world’s eCommerce sites.

Does Magento charge transaction fees?

Magento does not charge any transaction fees. Also, they do not charge any fees for deals. Transaction fees are levied only on the payment gateway that you use.

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