About FitnessBug

FitnessBug, Launched in 2017, FitnessBug has been providing customers with high-quality gym equipment. They aim to bring innovative and quality products at competitive prices to excel in your fitness journey and live a healthier life. Fitness is not just about working out or going to the gym. It’s about feeling good and building that confidence, mental agility and physical strength through regular exercise.


Maintaining and Diversifying brand identity - The challenge was to craft a unique design that uplevel the brand to sophisticated quality.

Attracting the Perfect Customer - Shoppers have countless options to choose from these days. And when the shoppers have several options, how do you make sure they pick you? How do you go about finding that perfect customer that wants your product?

Customer Experience - User experience is key to a successful eCommerce website. The shoppers expect a lightning-fast page load speed, easy navigation, quick search, proper segmentation of the website and the personalisation of products based on the shopper’s preferences.

Customer Retention - Customer retention is very important for your business as it can cost up to 5 times more to acquire a new customer than retaining an existing one and the success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% compared to 5-20% success rate of selling to a new customer.

Converting Shoppers into Paying Customers - One of the biggest challenges is to convert visitors into paying customers. Your eCommerce website might have a lot of traffic and many clicks, but they aren’t making the purchase as anticipated.

These are a few major challenges that the client was facing, and as an eCommerce agency, we had to provide a solution to overcome these challenges.



  • Consultation
  • Custom Theme Development
  • VSF Implementation
  • App Development / Integration
  • Maintenance and Support

Platform / App



UI/UX designing

We decided to re-design the frontend to give the brand new, fresh and professional identity. And a better and improved user experience for their shoppers.

Headless Solution

Given the amount of control and flexibility needed on the front end, we had to go with headless architecture because the existing solution had limitations on many fronts, and the customisation was very time-consuming. And this is where Vue Storefront excels and offers flexibility to choose what you want to do, and eliminates all the limitations

Expanding the marketing reach

In recent times, content marketing has helped many brands increase their conversation rate and customer reach. And that is why we wanted to consider implementing a headless CMS so that the merchants can benefit from a content marketing strategy and manage it effectively.



The Customer appreciated Aureate Labs's ability to fulfill the requirements and a tailored approach to the project. Even though all changes were done with the long-term gains in mind, we managed to improve website performance just after the launch of the latest version of the website.

Comparing the first several months of the new website’s performance with the same period in the year before, we have seen a lot of improvements. Check out some of the numbers Here.






Average Order Value

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